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■ How long does the Magic Ball Rack Last?
Magic Ball Rack is made from a durable grade plastic the life expectancy of the product is 1 year with constant use. The material is strong enough and tear resistant for commercial use.


■ Does the rack affect the balls when rolling over the rack?
The rack is 0.14mm thick and has been made to affect the balls to a minimum. In most cases due to the rack giving a tight rack balls rarely stay within the rack area after the break.

■ Why is it important to get a perfect rack?
A perfect rack allows for the balls to spread naturally after the break, Magic Ball rack gives the same rack to every player; this eliminates cheating by players giving bad racks to the opponent.

■ Why is the Magic Ball Rack Made from a Black Plastic?
The Black color allows for the Magic Ball Rack to blend to any color table cloth, the black color allows for easy recognition of the rack when in use on the table or when not in use. 

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